I paint daily for thought exploration, conflict resolution, problem solving, dream realization and because it's what I most love to do. I'm inspired by the shapes, textures and light in nature, the natural rhythm in the world, dreams right before I fall asleep and the shapes and colors of emotion. I’m forever thinking about how these things are all connected. These connections tell stories and then I pass those stories on with a painting. Although my own personal experiences are within each piece, I try to leave the painting open to the viewer’s interpretation, allowing them to create their own story. I love hearing children and adults look at one of my paintings and say, “this makes me think of…” or “I wish I could be inside of this painting.” I like creating a space where the viewer can, for a moment, get lost in their own imagination. I am a self-taught, full time acrylic painter, originally from Chicago and I now live in Charlottesville, VA.

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Jessie Meehan

Acrylic Paintings